We are excited to announce the commencement of the Spring Convening, a 4 week-long information overhaul bringing you face-to-face with the work we do. The convening will conclude with a small chat with the soon-to-be-announced future executive director of Cradle 2 Career. Join us as we take our next step to continue our work for the future of our children. 

Who We Are? 

Various studies have shown that children from low-income families are more likely to succeed when they have support during their development. Key educational milestones have been identified that track their progress, specifically: kindergarten readiness, early grade reading, middle-grade math, high school graduation, postsecondary enrollment, and postsecondary degree completion. Meeting each milestone builds their confidence and their ability to meet subsequent challenges. 

Consider that it is more likely for individuals with post-secondary education to earn a livable wage and be able to build a better life for themselves and their families. Also, high school graduates typically earn more and are employed in more stable jobs than those who do not graduate.  

Parents want their children to succeed in life and communities want productive and engaged citizens. So, how do we help children meet these milestones, achieve a better life, and contribute to their community? 

Cradle 2 Career (C2C) is a community-wide, community-owned initiative dedicated to educational equity. C2C believes all children in Rochester deserve a high-quality educational experience and support to succeed in life. To reinforce this belief, C2C brings together people and groups across the community to:  

  • Eliminate education disparities 
  • Eliminate racial inequities 
  • Advocate for systems-level change