Within the process of exploring new network options, there is a lot to consider. Initially, the focus began with explorations of a post-secondary completion, workforce participation, 8th math, or the 3rd reading subgroups. Though these all showed promise, we determined that it was significantly beneficial to launch a 0-3 Healthy Development Network that could interact with young families and establish an early presence in their lives.  

It was from efforts analyzing each possible network, that we saw the value of the overlap that could occur between our currently established Kindergarten Readiness Network and launching the 0-3 network. Based on these conclusions, and the input provided by current network partners, we decided that the best option was the 0-3 Healthy Development network. This project is currently set to begin implementation later this year.  

Following the feedback from current network members, we have begun strategizing the method by which this network will function either within the umbrella of the Kindergarten Readiness Network or as a distinct and separate network.