Technical Assistance

As part of our role as backbone support, we provide limited technical assistance to network members. This assistance is intended to grow data capacity within organizations serving children and their families across our community. Please see our offerings below:

Assessment: work with C2C staff to assess your organization’s current data capabilities and identify areas of potential growth.

Results-Based Accountability 101: learn what Results-Based Accountability is and how to get the most out of this framework for your team.

MOU Development: work one-on-one with C2C staff to develop a memorandum of understanding around data sharing and analysis, allowing your organization to outsource aspects of this work.

Alignment and Action Planning: work with C2C staff to translate the action plans of the collaborative action networks into specific action plans for your organization.

Survey Development: design surveys in conjunction with staff and develop plans for analysis, continuous improvement, and action planning based on the data gathered.

Turn the Curve Facilitation: work with staff to develop your baseline data, create the story behind the curve, and develop an action plan to improve results for your participants.

Charter Expectations: address aspects of charter expectations that require organizational or programmatic change

Yes, But Do the Pants Fit? A humorous training intended to increase data literacy within your planning team, drawing on familiar examples of data-driven decision making we encounter in our everyday lives.

Help, I’m Drowning in Data: a workshop designed for organizations that have a wealth of data but want to identify the core data needed to drive their work.


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If you would like to begin the process of providing a training for your staff, please provide your contact information and indicate your top areas of interest using the form provided here. C2C staff will follow up with you promptly.

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Get out there and learn what works and what doesn’t. Some things fail miserably, but you don’t know unless you try. You might feel like you’re doing good, but then you get the data and you realize you need to try again. Because there is limited funding, time, and staff in the nonprofit environment, you want to be sure to put resources where it matters most. Nonprofits tends to rely heavily on anecdotes, but we also need to become more data driven.
— C2C Partner