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The Growth of Our Staff

Throughout 2021, we are working on increasing our internal coherence and centering equity in our work.

  • All staff are comfortable sharing aspects of their race, ethnicity, and culture
  • C2C is taking steps to ensure that staff are also comfortable expressing aspects if their age, religion, and race
  • Staff have been working to properly educate themselves on DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) by having important conversations about word choice and learning from each other
  • Staff are making efforts to use language that brings people together rather than apart
  • There has been an increased focus on inclusivity and equity
  • Staff have also been working hard to try to address problems that may appear out of their control
  • Most staff are comfortable challenging the way things are done in the organization
  • On a scale from 1-5, all staff are either 3 or higher
  • Throughout the organization, honesty and respect are valued traits, as well as transparency and communication
  • Incoming: summary from our staff survey on engagement and self-expression
  • From communication to data collection efforts, network partners have felt like they had a strong support system from C2C
  • 94% of network members rated C2C’s communication a 4 or higher (on a scale from 1-5)
  • C2C has supported network members in their data collection in various ways throughout the pandemic
  • Our current strategy was described by network members as forward thinking, ahead of the game, useful, and efficient
  • Network members value collaboration and find group settings to be useful when brainstorming new ideas
  • 87% of network members are comfortable expressing themselves at network meetings
  • The work climate was described by network members as collaborative, engaging, and inclusive
  • The network does a good job at listening to and respecting different opinions
  • Due to a positive work climate, productivity levels have been high
  • The data we use has been described as enlightening, thought provoking, and informative
  • They found that the data we used helps the network come up with ideas that appeal to our intended audience
  • They have found that the tools used have helped accurately assess the needs of our community

The Growth of Our Networks

Throughout 2021, we are working on defining and measuring the strength of our networks.

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