To succeed Cradle 2 Career works by providing administrative, communications, facilitation, and data services to its networks. A network is a group of organizations who are working towards a shared community result.

Currently, there are two network openings for establishment. The first network, will function to support children and prepare them for kindergarten. The second, supports students graduating high school. When our initiative is fully up and running, we will have seven networks focused on:

  • Pre-K Developmental Success
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency
  • 8th Grade Math Proficiency
  • High School Graduation
  • Post-Secondary Completion
  • Workplace Participation

Each network has a convener – an organization that helps guide conversation, recruit new network members, and model new work. Currently, the conveners for both the open networks, are the Boys and Girls Club, for the high school network and Families First of Minnesota, which is the convener for the kindergarten readiness network.

This structure is based on the national StriveTogether model, implemented in 60+ communities across the United States.

At Cradle 2 Career our strength is in our data-based decision-making. We use Results-Based Accountability (RBA), a data framework, process, and culture that asks three questions:

  • How much did we do?
  • How well did we do it?
  • Is anybody better off?

Each of our community partners uses RBA to align their program data to the shared outcomes, and we measure our success collectively. This approach creates the strongest possible team to do more for Rochester’s youth. Working together and using data to inform our effectiveness, we ultimately remove barriers for youth and create access for each student to achieve success.

Cradle 2 Career’s objective is to dramatically improve educational outcomes resulting in healthy individuals, families and communities that are economically stable, and able to contribute toward a civic and equitable society.

A child’s academic success requires a strong foundation. This foundation is based on the resources at their disposal such as food, housing, and financial stability, resiliency, family/guardian engagement, physical health, mental health, parental health, parental presence, learning supports and career planning.

Developing a foundation is not an easy process. It is a long-term method of working that requires a systems-wide change and careful planning to accomplish the results desired. This complex transformation can only be accomplished through the collective efforts of a broad spectrum of participants. Cradle 2 Career’s initiative works through a combination of individuals, organizations, grant-makers, representatives from business and government, and most importantly, community voice.

By working together, side-by-side, and engaging the entire community, we are able to inform our networks of the needs and desires of our entire community and invest beyond existing programs, schools and child-based initiatives.

This way of working is called Collective Impact.