Workforce Excellence

Economic mobility and having career choices are important to our future workforce. There are many hiring organizations who are employers of choice because they are an active part of the community. They attract, develop, and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity within our community and beyond that, create an inclusive environment that equitably responds to the needs of their employees.

Below, find three resources that can help increase productivity and retention within your organization.




We created a localized turnover cost tool to help hiring organizations capture the true cost of annual turnover in one place. In addition, we created three cost mitigation solutions to slow the churn of turnover, increase productivity, diversify your workforce, and increase retention.

This is in BETA form and operates in Excel.

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Seamlessly connecting employers, educators, and students in experiential and work-based learning opportunities that connect learning to life and careers to classroom. Hosted by Southeast Service Cooperative, this is a free platform for employers to deepen their relationship with regional education partners and to mentor their future workforce.



The State of Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and local workforce development boards (Workforce Development, Inc) partnered to bring CareerForce to the state of Minnesota. There are numerous resources on the platform, and our local Careerforce center has a variety of taskforces available for your organization to join.

corporate volunteer program

Employee Volunteer Programs increase skills, increase productivity and increase productivity. In Minnesota, each hour invested in the community is a return of $23.15. Which means a company with 10 employees donating an hour per month invests $2778 in our community.

United Way of Olmsted County can help you start a program.