Every year the coming of summer and the end of the school year means that some of our staff depart as they prepare for new aspects of their lives. While some of us have been here since the beginning, others have only been on for a few short months. These are the names behind the faces, and a little of what they do.

Claudia Tabini (Interim Executive Director, Director of Community Engagement): Serves as the bridge between community organizations, parents, students, and community members. Additionally, she has served as the Co-Interim Executive director of Cradle 2 Career since November.

Kelsey Duffy (Interim Executive Director, Director of Data and Research): Besides her work as Co-Interim Executive Director, she serves as the Director of Data and Research. In that role, she aims to stay up to date on new research and data approaches to our work and helps implement that data within the networks.

Zeni Ali (Community Impact Administrative Assistant at United Way): Assists with any administrative and organizational tasks related to the work between United Way and Cradle 2 Career. Besides that, she is also a skilled interpreter in Amharic.

Nahida Nworen (Community Data Manager): Nahida Nworen works mainly with Rochester Public Schools and its partners on data research and analysis.

Nicholas Molina (Communications Manager): Nicholas Molina works in the planning and implementation of communications strategy and products. Within his role, he manages the website, blog, social media, and all other external communications.

Deneene Graham (Parent Engagement Specialist): Deneene Graham is an external consultant and works with Claudia Tabini to help organize, assess, and meet the needs of parents around the community.

Misk Al Zahidy (Special Project Intern): Misk Al Zahidy works to research and analyzes the possible establishment of any new networks, which includes her work in the upcoming 0-3 network.

Sahejpreet Gill (Data Intern): Since the beginning of her career at Cradle 2 Career, she has worked on a variety of projects. From working on the new network to her role in internal data processes, it is this diversity in the experience that has served Cradle 2 Career well. The position of Data Intern will be opening in the fall.

José Ortega (Data Intern): Much like Sahejpreet Gill, Jose Ortega also works as a data intern and has also worked on several different projects including the work with the new network. Additionally, within this role, he works on data and analysis.

Ayooluwa Odeyinka (Evaluation Intern and Student Engagement Specialist): As a high school student herself, she works within John Marshall High School to gauge and interpret the unique voices of the student population that Cradle 2 Career serves. This position or a similar one will be opening in the fall.

Angalee Schmidt (Social Media Intern): Angalee Schmidt is part of the communications team and manages the social media channels which include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and will soon also include a Tik Tok channel.

As the end of the school year approaches, and we begin our preparations for the coming year, we thank all those wonderful people that have made this journey possible.