There are many tools out there for team development. One of the most effective and accessible tools is Clifton Strengths. Not only is it validated in numerous countries and languages, it is also asset based.  

In our American culture, we spend a lot of time discussing weaknesses and deficits. However, Clifton Strengths gives the top 5 results of our 34 strengths. When we put more effort toward our strengths, we will naturally yield more results than trying to pour into the bottom tier of strengths and end up feeling exhausted and demotivated.  

Cradle 2 Career values community. We focus on what connects us rather than what separates us and communicate to each other with transparency and integrity. Clifton Strengths has given us a common language to talk about the work we produce and how we produce it that showcases what is right and good about each individual on the team. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes our own Strengths can create blind spots. However, when we understand each other through the common language of Strengths, we can ask clarifying questions, we can help each other identify our blind spots, and help each other through them together.  

Clifton Strengths is a great way to create community within your organization that is centered on the assets within each of your team members. Which according to Gallup increases employee engagement and productivity.  

A strong community is essential for a results driven culture to be successful. Cradle 2 Career invests in Strengths because it yields better results. If you want to learn more about our approach, please contact 


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