Reaching Shared Technology & Outcomes for Rochester Youth

What is R-STORY?

R-STORY (Reaching Shared Technology & Outcomes for Rochester Youth) is a shared data management program that connects data from different partners. It combines school-based data with data provided by partner organizations. This allows us to create programs that serve youth, show the effects of our work, and see the big picture when it comes to youth results and services in our community.

Cradle 2 Career provides project management and support for the R-story operation. We help train the partners, take part in the rollout of the system, and help grow the community partnerships and support for the system.



Is my organization a potential community partner? The ideal community partner serves youth directly, whether that is in group or one-on-one settings.

What could this do for my organization? R-STORY is mainly used to track student attendance in your organization’s activities. You can then view reports on the effect it has had on students attendance, behavior, and academic achievements at school.

How does R-STORY protect youth information? Partner Organizations in R-STORY have limited access to viewing youth information. They can only see general information – name, grade, school, etc. – information that is not considered private. Partners who need to see more specific information must have either an information-sharing agreement with Rochester Public Schools or signed information release forms from parents.

What do you mean by ‘additional databases’? Right now, information from program partners can be connected to information from Rochester Public Schools. It would be even more powerful to connect that information to results from supports like housing, food, or early education. This would help give a fuller picture of the effect of our community’s work.

When can I join? Please read the roll-out timeline above – if you are a 21st Century partner or Community Schools partner, you will be trained in and supported by school staff at some point in 2021. If you are a community-based partner who wants to use R-STORY to track attendance and see the results of your work, the earliest you could be in the system would be summer of 2022. If you would like to join your information system with R-STORY, we may start having those conversations at any time but would not expect to be able to start planning to join your system until late 2022.