Spring Convening Week 4 – A New Executive Director Has Been Hired!


On Thursday, May 19, Cradle 2 Career will be hosting a Facebook live conversation to welcome and get to know the new Executive Director, Julie Ruzek. Alongside her will be the Leadership co-chairs, Cathy Nathan and Lori Carrell. The conversation will start at 7:30 pm and run for up to an hour. Please join us in welcoming her to the Cradle 2 Career family!  Julie Ruzek comes to Cradle 2 Career after a long history of working in the public school system and has been engaged with Cradle 2 Career since its inception, both by supporting the work of [...]

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Spring Convening Week 3 – Who We Are and What We Do


Every year the coming of summer and the end of the school year means that some of our staff depart as they prepare for new aspects of their lives. While some of us have been here since the beginning, others have only been on for a few short months. These are the names behind the faces, and a little of what they do. Claudia Tabini (Interim Executive Director, Director of Community Engagement): Serves as the bridge between community organizations, parents, students, and community members. Additionally, she has served as the Co-Interim Executive director of Cradle 2 Career since November. Kelsey Duffy [...]

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Spring Convening Week 2 – Incoming Network


Within the process of exploring new network options, there is a lot to consider. Initially, the focus began with explorations of a post-secondary completion, workforce participation, 8th math, or the 3rd reading subgroups. Though these all showed promise, we determined that it was significantly beneficial to launch a 0-3 Healthy Development Network that could interact with young families and establish an early presence in their lives.   It was from efforts analyzing each possible network, that we saw the value of the overlap that could occur between our currently established Kindergarten Readiness Network and launching the 0-3 network. Based on these conclusions, [...]

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Welcome to the Spring Convening 2022


We are excited to announce the commencement of the Spring Convening, a 4 week-long information overhaul bringing you face-to-face with the work we do. The convening will conclude with a small chat with the soon-to-be-announced future executive director of Cradle 2 Career. Join us as we take our next step to continue our work for the future of our children.  Who We Are?  Various studies have shown that children from low-income families are more likely to succeed when they have support during their development. Key educational milestones have been identified that track their progress, specifically: kindergarten readiness, early- grade reading, middle-grade [...]

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Adding Community-Based Partners to Our Data System


Cradle 2 Career (C2C) is involved in the implementation of Reaching Shared Technology and Outcomes for Rochester Youth (R-STORY) within the Rochester Public Schools (RPS) systems. This particular technology is new to our community and to our team (C2C, RPS, and community partners including our legal, technology, and finance departments). The team is eagerly learning about the possibilities and value of data collaboration. In our case, data collaboration uses student-related data (combined from various sources) to provide a more accurate and intuitive understanding of students in order to better support them and their development.   About R-STORY  R-STORY is an integrated database system that combines data from multiple sources to gain a better and broader picture of how well our community and its agencies are serving our youth. The possible data sources include school data (for example, report cards, disciplinary records, and behavioral assessments) and data from our community-based partner organizations.  Currently, R-STORY has been piloted at all four of our community schools and nine 21st Century Community Learning [...]

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How is the local educational system supporting college-bound kids?


All high school graduates are not equally prepared for postsecondary education. This finding is especially true for graduates from historically marginalized communities. To prepare these graduates for success in a two- and four-year college environment, postsecondary institutions provide noncredit developmental education courses. These courses are designed to improve the reading, writing, and math skills of first-year college students unprepared for college-level courses. Consequently, high school graduates that might otherwise be unable to attain a higher education can take developmental education courses to better prepare them for college-level course work.  Who needs developmental education courses?  And why?  In general, high school graduates [...]

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