Cradle 2 Career (C2C) is involved in the implementation of Reaching Shared Technology and Outcomes for Rochester Youth (R-STORY) within the Rochester Public Schools (RPS) systems. This particular technology is new to our community and to our team (C2C, RPS, and community partners including our legal, technology, and finance departments). The team is eagerly learning about the possibilities and value of data collaboration. In our case, data collaboration uses student-related data (combined from various sources) to provide a more accurate and intuitive understanding of students in order to better support them and their development.  

About R-STORY 

R-STORY is an integrated database system that combines data from multiple sources to gain a better and broader picture of how well our community and its agencies are serving our youth. The possible data sources include school data (for example, report cards, disciplinary records, and behavioral assessments) and data from our community-based partner organizations. 

Currently, R-STORY has been piloted at all four of our community schools and nine 21st Century Community Learning Centers. These small pilots will expand during the coming academic year, making it possible to gain more insights through analysis of the student data. Currently, the only users of the system are RPS staff. 

It is important to understand that student data is protected by federal law, meaning not just anyone can work with the data. Proper waivers/releases must be put in place before the data can be accessed/shared.  

With the right security and paperwork in place we will diligently work with the data. The greatest impact will happen when student data is combined with our partners’ program data. For example, the analysis results (of this combined data) could allow us to see if a student’s participation in particular activities/programs improves their outcomes, such as grades, attendance, and behavior. Longer term, these results could allow our community-based partners to work more effectively and hone their programs and services for children. In addition, these partners will gain insights into each child’s participation in activities across our community and will help us better understand who we are reaching.   

Parents and Children Excel (P.A.C.E.) – a key partner in our success  

P.A.C.E. have been at the forefront of helping us make the rollout happen. P.A.C.E. works with families to address their students’ attendance and behavior. This can be done through mentorship, working with social workers and aide staff in home, school, and community settings. P.A.C.E. works with students from many schools, many settings, and with many types of programming. 

Attempting to add the P.A.C.E. data to the R-STORY database produced various technical and legal challenges we had to overcome, questions included: 

  • What sort of data sharing agreement is needed, if any? 
  • P.A.C.E. programs serve students from across all schools in our community. How do we ensure they can only access their students’ data and not access other students’ data? 
  • Who provides administrative and technical services and training?  
  • Who pays the costs associated with this technology? 

At the beginning of the last school year, we thought adding P.A.C.E. to R-STORY would be equivalent to adding a school. That was not the case. P.A.C.E. and their staff worked tirelessly and patiently with C2C and RPS district staff to resolve the many challenges. Through P.A.C.E.’s commitment and devotion the team has arrived at a shared understanding of the process and effort required to use R-STORY.  

In the coming year, P.A.C.E. will serve as the initial community-based partner working with R-STORY. Based on what we learn from integrating the P.A.C.E. data into R-STORY and how useful it is, we will determine if and when to add other community-based partners and their data to R-STORY. 

For learn more about P.A.C.E. and how to get involved, check them out on Get Connected: 

For information about R-STORY, go to the C2C web site and look at the R-STORY page: