Patient Advocacy Foundations


There are two patient advocacy foundations that you should know about:   The National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) team works at the local, regional, and national level advocating for better access to affordable, quality health care for people with chronic or life-threatening illnesses.   The Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) team provides patient services with the goal of removing obstacles to accessing quality healthcare. They provide various services and programs to help patients with chronic or life-threatening illnesses.   While PAF focuses on the patients and caregivers, NPAF collects the PAF experiences to help drive change within the overall healthcare system.     Valuable information on their websites  The PAF website provides information about the support they provide, how to contact them, and who qualifies for [...]

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Data Code of Ethics


My name is Sahejpreet Gill and I am an intern at Cradle 2 Career. This Spring, we started working on the Data Code of Ethics report. This report would contain community input on how data should be presented at Cradle 2 Career. The process started off with a survey that was sent through personal networks of the members of the project, who were students at the University of Minnesota Rochester. The survey contained around 6 topics regarding data presentation, such as labeling, that participants were told to rank in order of importance. From this survey, we also developed questions surrounding the topics to use [...]

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