Financial Stress a Priority in Olmsted County


The Olmsted County Community Health Improvement Plan for 2021-2023 has identified their top three community health priorities: mental health, financial stress, and substance use.   Financial stress occurs when the household income is less than expenses, creating an inability to meet basic financial commitments and needs. Basic financial commitments and needs include; rent/mortgage payments, utility bills, medical care and (hopefully) insurance, transportation, food, child care, and things critical to supporting the home environment. In additions, financial stress is considered a contributor to mental health issues. This plan also states that 33% of Olmsted County adults report being financially stressed. The biggest financial stressors are credit cards, medical bills, and housing costs (including rent, mortgage, and utilities).    Let’s look at the numbers and resources  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) 2021 poverty guideline for a family of four is an income of $26,500 (for each [...]

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Study Shines Light on Head Start Value


An interesting study took place starting in 2011 through 2021 with the goal of learning about the early public school experiences of children who had participated in Head Start. Nineteen to twenty-two (depending on the year) Minnesota Head Start programs across the state participated and collected data on their four year old children over this time period. The approach was to match the Head Start children’s data with their K-5 grade-level student data. The K-5 data was from the Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS). MARSS (an individual student record system) is the Minnesota Department of Education's primary reporting system for student data. Please, note tribal and migrant programs chose to not participate in this study.  Study results  The study results were characterized as follows:  Outcomes related to the years a child participated in Head Start Outcomes related to a child’s attendance [...]

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